The Queen / King competition of The Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of the Arts identifies a person who can fill the role of ambassador for the Festival and for Weddin Shire – from the crowning ceremony in June through to the following May. It is deeply imbedded in the town’s history and remains a popular event creating interest and excitement in the lead up to the Festival.

Involvement is this competition offers opportunities for greater community involvement and to help your favourite cause, local club, sporting group etc. Former entrants have welcomed the introductions to like-minded others in the competition, furthering their knowledge of the community and increases in confidence and skills.

The Charity Queen / King title is awarded to the entrant who raises the most amount of fundraising. All events need to be approved by the Festival Executive committee and in the past have varied from cupcake drives, cookbook fundraisers, concerts, and sporting events just to name a few. We are very happy to offer suggestions and support.

Funds raised need to be deposited as soon as practical after an event to the Festival Executive Committee. You will be issued receipts and the Committee Treasurer will issue a cheque to your chosen organisation for presentation at the end of the competition. This presentation is a major media event, and you are requested to attend with a representative of your organisation.

It is important that entrants are aware that all funds raised are split between the Festival and the organisation. 85% goes to the entrant’s organisation and 15% to the Festival.

The Festival Queen / King is judged on creativity, involvement of others, personal conduct during the competition and promotion of the Festival. During your time as an entrant, you should create a portfolio with diary entries, income and expenditure, and photographic evidence of events and activities. At the end of the competition, present your portfolio for judging. The format for this portfolio is not set; it could be a scrap book, it could be a Powerpoint file, please discuss your ideas with the Executive committee.

This voluntary role of Festival Queen / King is not arduous, but title holders are required to take part in several promotional events post crowning and attending Festival Committee meetings.

Registrations open: 20th February 2023
Registrations close: 12th  March 2023

Fundraising events to be held: upon registration to 4th June 2023

Please fill out the below Expression of Interest and a representative of the HLF committee will contact you.

Form Payment

Please ensure you complete the relevant payment associated with your form submission. Your entry is deemed incomplete until this payment is made.