The Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of Arts Window Dressing Competition has historically been an ideal opportunity for local business, to showcase Grenfell’s premier Festival.

The theme for the Henry Lawson Festival this year is Faces in the Street after one of the earliest and most celebrated poems of the young Henry Lawson.

Adopting this theme for the Short Story and Verse competitions, we seek contributions of high-quality literary merit which present modern Australian life in any of its phases.

In recent times, Australia has seen its share of hardship in the COVID pandemic and in the impact of individual isolation; floods; fires and drought.

This year’s theme invites reflections on modern Australian life that we have witnessed, which might capture the elements of hardship and despair; courage and fortitude; or compassion and mateship.

We encourage you to be playful, creative, reflective, or symbolic in interpreting, in your own fashion anything that resonates personally with you. We are hoping you will enjoy creating something for others to enjoy and to raise awareness that The Henry Lawson Festival is happening in June. Our Festival is part of our town’s legendary heritage, as family and friends make their annual pilgrimage to Grenfell every June Long Weekend to celebrate everything Henry. So, we hope you will get behind our theme as we strive to keep our Festival alive, vibrant and something we continue to keep celebrating into the future together.

We recognise that as businesses you generously donate your most valuable visual merchandising space to celebrate with us each year. Why not find a way to use the theme and tie it back to your business?

Past Festival business house windows have greatly assisted to build a sense of excitement in the community. The highly decorated windows also assist to encourage visitors to return for the June long weekend. A great Festival window raises interest levels, generates awareness about the impending Festival, is often informative or humorous and brings people together.

Prizes include:
First Place: $100, Second Place: $50, Third Place: $30
All placegetters receive a complimentary Place Prize Display Banner.
Award Cards to Highly Commended and Commended.

Why not consider offering your window to a local volunteer service group or organisation. This is a wonderful way to foster community relations in a meaningful way, whilst also demonstrating to a broader audience the keen sense of community in Grenfell.

The ideal duration of your Window Display will extend from May 22nd – June 13th.

The Festival will photograph the best windows and publish a promotional 2023 Window Dressing album on our Website and Facebook, including your business name to accompany the image. 

Windows will be judged prior to the Festival weekend and winners will be announced and presented with their awards the afternoon of judging.

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