“You were born on Grenfell goldfields and you can’t get over that”
Said Grenfell to my Spirit – Henry Lawson

Grenfell is the birthplace of Henry Lawson, one of Australia’s most famous poets born on Grenfell’s gold fields in 1867. With Lawson’s love of the land and its people he would go on to capture the spirit of Australian life in his poetry and prose.

A monument to Lawson shaded by a sugar gum planted by his daughter Bertha, is located two minutes drive from the town centre and a bust of Lawson is located in the Main Street.

To commemorate Henry Lawson’s Birth and his contribution to the arts, Grenfell hosts the annual Henry Lawson Festival on the June long weekend. The festival promotes and recognises aspiring Australians in their artistic endeavours.

Entries are received nationally for verse, short story, painting and photography, and performers travel vast distance to participate in the festival year after year.